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A Brief History of Grants Pass Community Church
Ed and Dorothy Forbes

Grants Pass Community Church began in the home of Ed and Dorothy Forbes in 1976. Ed was working as a special agent with the US Forest Service in Grants Pass when John Robert Stevens, the founder of The Living Word Fellowship, commissioned him to start a church in his home. As a former Baptist pastor, Ed wasted no time in assuming his ministerial responsibilities, and the Grants Pass Community Church was born.

In 1985, a residence next to the long-time meeting place of the Forbes' home became available. The church did not have funds to purchase the property, so Gary and Marilyn Hargrave, who have led The Living Word Fellowship churches since 1983, personally purchased the residence for the group to use, and later donated the property to the church. The house was remodeled to accommodate church activities and was used for many years.

In 1991, after Ed retired from the Forest Service, he and Dorothy answered the Lord's call to be a part of the ministry team in Shiloh—a Living Word Fellowship church and conference center near Kalona, Iowa. During their years at Shiloh, Ed continued to serve our church as a fathering ministry and visited regularly until he and Dorothy moved back to Grants Pass in 2011.

In 1995, after outgrowing the new house, an appropriate building site was located just down the street. Following the Hargraves' example of faith, three members of the Grants Pass Community Church personally purchased the new property and held it until the church could make the purchase itself. After years of diligent saving, and with additional funds from The Living Word Fellowship Trust, the church purchased the property in 1998. The first phase of the master plan for the new property—the construction of the fellowship hall—was a labor of love by our local congregants, as well as many others throughout The Living Word Fellowship. In 2002, upon completion of the building, Josephine County honored the church with the year's project award for "Best Church/Assembly Building." Future construction of a chapel and administration building are on the horizon.

Master Plan

Grants Pass Community Church, with a congregation of about seventy members, is positioned for great things. The Lord has laid a solid spiritual foundation in the hearts of His people, and we look forward with great faith and expectation to the direction the Lord will lead in the days ahead.

As a Living Word Fellowship church, Grants Pass Community Church is overseen by Gary Hargrave.

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Grants Pass Community Church was established in 1976 by Ed and Dorothy Forbes.